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When you decide to create an app for your product or service offerings, you first need to develop a clear understanding of who your targeted customers are, how will the app suffice in fulfilling their needs and how, through the app, you provide the best user experience which is user-centric, addictive and seamless, all in order to ensure that they keep using the app actively. At LogoAvengers, we create apps which are result-driven, chart-toppers, easy-to-use, pleasant and provide a brilliant user experience, which all collectively, are essential for the monetization of your project. Our teams of expert app developers ensure that they truly are able to develop an app which surpasses your expectations and provides you with the competitive edge within the respective industry and assists in enhancing the revenue generation process overall. Having delivered multiple successful projects, we maintain consistency to ensure that our app development services are world-class which allow in passing the benefit onto our customers of experiencing sustained excellence within their respective businesses. With proven track record of delivering beyond client’s expectations, building exponential growth, achieving rapid monetization and working across multiple platforms such as iOS and android, LogoAvengers will serve as the supporting shoulder of your business. Project Manager Liaison For every customer of ours, we assign a project manager who serves as the point of contact to initially understand what the requirements of the customers are, how can the app be developed according to their needs and formalize a strategy which shall serve as a launch pad of success for your respective app. The project manager assigned for the relevant app development ensures that the customer’s needs are being looked after and provides thorough feedback after every phase of the develop to ensure that the customers are satisfied through each phase of app development. Formulate App Launch Strategy By providing end-to-end solutions, we ensure that we do not isolate the customer after successfully delivering their respective project. For this purpose, we work alongside your business and formulate app launch strategies that serve as a marketing tool to make sure that customers are aware of the existence of the app as there’s no point of having an app if no one is aware about it. Through our effective marketing strategies combined with the app, we strive to achieve greater revenues for our customers and popularize the ranking of the app within the AppStore and Play Store. Beat Your Competitors With such immense competition for topping the charts within the AppStore and PlayStore, businesses now, more than ever before, are making efforts to ensure that they are able to serve as leaders within their respective business industries. Through our app development services, our clients will be able to leverage their current position within the business and enjoy the competitive advantage which our app developers will provide by designing apps which raise the bar within the industry and allows the business to set a new benchmark of innovation and quality. This collectively will enhance sales, develop stronger relationships with the customers and generate recognition for the brand.

iOS App Development

iOS apps have gained tremendous recognition over the years due to their flawless operating platform. Whether our customer represents a large organization or has initiated a small startup, with a vast number of iOS apps developed over the years, we make sure that each and every client of ours receives uncompromised and top-notch app development services.

Striving to revive the benchmarks within the app development industry, our entire purpose of providing app development services is to cater to clients who approach us with just an idea and through our creative expertise and industry knowledge; we provide the vision and lay the foundation for their long-term success.

Our App strategy consultants at LogoAvengers optimize the resources available to develop an app design which thrives from its launch period.

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Android App Development

If you have an idea relating to the development of an app, our team of app developers at LogoAvengers will deliver top notch customer experiences and satisfaction levels. Having delivered multiple Android based apps, we have garnered a strong reputation and industry goodwill among the top app developers across the globe.

With a dedicated team of app develops specializing in Android App development, we guarantee chart-topping and winning apps. From the initial idea of developing an app till the final delivery on the Android marketplace, our representatives will continuously serve as your backend support team to ensure that the app is functioning smoothly and users are able to experience a world of difference.

With our customers originating from different geographical locations, we provide customized app solutions for Android based devices. Whether it includes smart phones, wearable devices or tablets, if you have an app idea which you would like to have developed, we will provide you with the most unique and innovative app solutions.

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LogoAvenger's Design Process | Mobile Apps

Build a design brief

Tell us about your business and what you need designed.

Receive your designs

We provide you with first drafts of the projects with multiple Design concepts

Give feedback

The more detailed your feedback, the easier it will be to bring your design to life.

Pick your favorite

Finally we deliver your designs to you with complete ownership rights.

Enthralling App Design Experiences

Focused Strategies | Novel Ideas | Powerful Communications

At Logo Avengers, we infuse your applications with an outlook that inspires.
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FAQ’s | Mobile Apps

Based on the requirements of the project, the delivery time of the final app will vary between 2-4months.

There are no upfront set up pricing packages for developing applications. Since each application has a different development criterion, customers requiring app development services will have to request custom quotes.

Depending on the requirement of the app, your final concept would be delivered in three variations; prototype, minimum viable product and the final release.

We are always available to serve our customers for any updates or integrations they may require in the future.

Yes, of course. Through the assigned project manager, you will receive regular and timely updates of your project.

Yes, of course. We encourage our customers to inform us about any app design idea that they might like and would like to integrate within their design specs.

We provide 100% confidentiality to all our clients. Any project or an idea brought to us solely remains the property of our client and we do not make any ownership claims thus guaranteeing thorough transparency and integrity.

Yes. If any additional feature is required which is not a part of the original quote, an additional cost will be added to the final cost of the app.

Based on the quote provided for your app development, the relevant assigned project manager will be able to inform you whether revisions will come at an additional cost or will they be done for free.

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Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Here’s what our valuable clients have to say about us

Upon requesting a custom quote for my app idea, the representatives at Logo Avengers were very quick to respond with a proposal for my query. I found their services thoroughly professional as great efforts were put in for developing my app and the team work seemed highly satisfying providing an overall pleasant experience.


I am very proud of my decision to work with Logo Avengers for my app development. During the entire development phase, I was continuously kept in the loop to ensure that my needs were being met accordingly. With hassle free services and excellent product delivery, I will recommend Logo Avengers to all businesses seeking app development solutions.


Upon reviewing the final delivery of our application, we immediately requested a custom quote for another application which we wanted Logo Avengers to develop for our business. We have multiple companies offering technology related services and we want Logo Avengers to build apps for all our business units.


Prior to deciding which company to work with for our app, we had received multiple price quotes. The custom quote provided by Logo Avengers was the cheapest of all. With such high quality services being offered at such affordable rates, I would be more than glad to work again with Logo Avengers for other related services.

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